Original Wine Crates

Wine Crate Bar

Also known as OWC's or wooden wine boxes. Original wine crates are made by individual wineries to store and protect their high value wines.

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Original Wine Panels

Wine Crate Panel Credenza

These are the sides of original wine crates that bear the winery's logo, design or insignia. Wine panels create highly unique surface coverings in wine cellars, bars, kitchens etc.

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Custom Wine Crates


Crates built to any size or specification. We take your artwork and engrave it on a custom crate. Our specialty is wine, but we can craft an eye-catching wood crate for just about any type of item.

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Original and Custom Wine Wooden Crates and Boxes

The world's largest selection of Original Wine Crates (OWC's), wooden wine cases, wine boxes and Wine Box End Panels

We also build exquisite Custom Wine Boxes and Wine Cases that are personalized with your logo, monogram, design or artwork.


Original Wine Crates (OWC’s)

  • Crafted by premier class wineries in France. These are rare and limited collectibles
  • Authentic wooden wine crates give a unique accent to any décor
  • Adding genuine wine crates to your cellar makes it complete and looking great

Original Wine Boxes and Cases

  • From exceptional Italian, Spanish and Napa Valley vineyards
  • Ideal for high detail wine displays
  • Appeals to a modern and Mediterranean look

Original Wine Wooden Panels

  • Wine-themed wall, ceiling, floor or table-top treatments
  • All wine panel montages and designs are different. Yours will be one of a kind
  • People will love how your wine art creation looks and feels


Personalized Wine Crates and Gift Boxes for Weddings

  • Wedding wine boxes for cards and floral arrangements. A must-have for a wine-themed wedding
  • This is a wonderful way to remember your special day.
  • Your personalized wedding wine box will be crafted to last for every anniversary, and for generations to come.

Custom Wine Cases and Boxes for Business

  • Your company logo elegantly displayed on a wine gift box or wine case
  • Perfect as a client gift! Your brand will become artwork that will be kept and shown to others
  • This is a memorable and first-class way to enhance your brand

Personalized Commemorative Wine Crates and Boxes

  • Celebrate your special moments in life with a commemorative wine box
  • New house or vaction home. Brand a picture of your new home or vacation house on a custom wine crate or box
  • Excellent gift for both wedding and company anniversaries. Your custom wine crate will match either occasion beautifully.