168 Irving Ave

Portchester, NY 10573



About Us

Winwood Collectibles is the name of our company. Winepine is the first brand we established in 2004.

Winepine started offering a limited amount of OWC's to the public in 2005. We expanded our product line to include the panels shortly after. Today we offer thousands of wine crates and wine panels, alongside our custom work. We have a large portfolio, and thousands of testimonials from happy clients.

Our Guarantee

All of our OWC's, wine boxes, cases and panels are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Everything we offer is inspected several times for imperfections. Our custom pieces are masterfully crafted here in the USA, and fully prepared for immediate use or installation. We only offer the best to our clients.

Our Vision

- Introduce new and distinctive wine cellar design ideas to our clients

- Provide investors with a source of OWC's and wine boxes to complete their collections

-Work with clients on new home and cellar decoration projects

- Design and build exceptional custom wine-themed gifts and packaging


We've worked with a variety of individuals and companies in the wine industry, alongside high profile corporations, interior decorators, designers, advertising agencies, builders, contractors and architects.

Our OWC's and custom work have been featured on television, in Broadway plays, magazines, movies and the Museum of Modern Art.

Last but not least, our most important priority is our clients.We treat all of our clientele the same way. Whether your a large corporation ordering hundreds of wine crates, or an individual looking to do an arts & crafts project; you can always count on Winepine for the best customer service and finest selection.