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Normally I don't advertise testimonials outside of the testimonials page, but a client of ours named Gabe wrote such a thoughtful and creative review of his crate that I had to share it. It's fairly lengthy, so the rest of it will be found on our blog:

My best friend is getting married and I got the idea to give him and his wife-to-be a set of wines to have at 6 milestone anniversaries. I spent hours researching wines, thinking about appropriate drinking windows, choosing a variety of grapes and regions, reading professional reviews, etc. I finally had picked out the six bottles that would be perfect for them, but then had to find a way to present the bottles to the bride and groom in a way that would honor the excellent wines that I had spent so long choosing. I started browsing the web looking for a classy way to display the bottles. After an afternoon of research and emailing several different companies, I eventually decided to go with Wine Pine based on the variety and quality of designs posted on their webpage and Pinterest board... Read the full testimonial

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Our Custom Wine Crates and Personalized Wine Boxes are made with:

The Finest Pine Wood:

  • The crates we offer are made of first class, ultra pure pine wood; which is carefully harvested on rich soil land. We thoroughly inspect each wood plank for every project.
  • Most of our crates are made of pine, but we do carry a selection of exotic woods such as Mahogany, Maple and Cherry.

Exceptional Craftsmanship:

  • Winepine hand-makes the finest custom wine boxes and crates in the world. All of our work is done at our facility here in the United States.
  • Through high-level workmanship and attention to detail we guarantee excellence and longevity. Our custom pieces are prepared to a smooth and polished look. Each wine crate or box we produce is ready for any finish style.

Full Personalization:

  • E-mail us your personalized artwork as a logo, design, monogram or text in a high-resolution format.
  • We take your artwork, and send you a picture of how the engraving will look for free

Wedding or Shower Wine Crates & Boxes:

  • Wedding and shower wine crates are perfect for a wine-themed celebration. We offer customized wedding flower crates, personalized table card holders, crates for wedding vows, and time capsule pieces.
  • Winepine crates and boxes are made with old-world ingenuity and modern design. Our crates and boxes are built to last for generations to come.

Artwork, Logo and Engraving Help:

  • We provide limited artwork or logo assistance, but work faster when provided with a large, enhanced, high-resolution JPEG image(s). We can work with other types of images, so if you don't have a JPEG send us what you have and we can (most likely) work with it.