Original Wine Crates

Original wine crates (OWC's), wine boxes and wine cases are created by select wineries to store and protect their precious wines. Each OWC carries the unique logo of the winery where they were produced. Wineries have been making OWC's for over 1,000 years. Many of their logos are masterpieces of royalty, priceless art, and historical moments. Wine crates not only hold wine, but they greatly enhance decor while quickly capturing the imagination.

All of our original wooden wine crates, boxes and cases are genuine and authentic. We gently prepare each Collector's wine crate or box by hand for finish or immediate installation. Each one is repaired, refurbished, and hand-sanded. Not only does this process remove imperfections, it also provides a smooth and appealing texture. The result? Original wooden wine crates, boxes and cases flawlessly restored to perfection, ready for finish or immediate installation. These are from our premium line. You're guaranteed to receive the very best.

Our Classic wine crates aren't sanded, but are inspected for quality and good looks. They are from our new vintage line for clients looking to  for that "shabby-chic" look, or for restaurants/wine retailers purchasing in bulk quantities

Wooden wine crates, boxes and cases can differ in size based on bottle dimensions. Not all wineries make the same sized bottles. We include average dimensions based on this. Please e-mail us if you're planning to store wine, or if you need a specific type of crate.

We also offer combined shipping discounts through FedEx, and have the lowest possible shipping rates available. There is no minimum to order.