Original Wine Crate Panels

One of our clients named Glenn Mcphee created a unique piece of wine artwork with Collector's panels. He took all the corks he had collected from the different wines he enjoyed over the years, and placed them in a frame around his wine room wall. In the middle of the frame, he added all different wine crate panels he had purchased from us. It took a while to create this project, because we had to match the specific vineyard wine panels to the corks in the frame. It's a truly remarkable sight. A picture of this creation can be found on this Pinterest page here: Wine Panel Artwork


Wine crate panels are also known as wine box ends, wine crate sides and wine face plates.

Wooden wine panels are the engraved sides of a wine crate made by high-end vineyards which have the winery's logo, design, artwork or name.

Wine panels are easily installed on walls, ceilings, and floors.  Wine panels can also be applied to doors, cabinets and tables. Every client's wine panel project is personalized and distinctive.

Wine Pine takes great pride in our ability for restoring each wine crate panel to perfection. Every single panel is meticulously inspected and individually refurbished and repaired. We have perfected the process of hand-sanding, which removes even the tiniest imperfections. The results are wooden wine box and crate panels with an appealingly smooth texture. Our high-quality pieces are then ready to become part of the discerning collector’s anthology!

We offer bulk discounts on Classic Wine Panels.

Recommended Installation

We recommend working with a contractor or carpenter for finish and installation. Liquid nails in a can is our recommended adhesive. Applying liquid nails with a notched trowel evenly across the back of the panel works best. Most wine box panels weigh about a half pound.

How to Measure Your Space for Wine Crate Panels